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Welcome to ARENA

ARENA is a national registry of aircraft available for fire and emergency response.

You are welcome to register and use the system.

Users can register as either an Operator, a Flight Crew, or both.

If registering as an Operator enter your full company name eg 'Fire Planes Australia Pty Ltd'.

If registering as a pilot or other flight crew enter your CASA issued ARN in the Aviation Reference Number field. If you are an overseas pilot enter the licence or certificate number from your pilots licence or airmen's certificate

The email address will be used for any password resets and other communications for this account.

Operators wanting to register for 'call when needed' operations should contact State fire agencies after entering their company and aircraft details in ARENA

By accessing this system you agree that the ARENA Website Terms and Conditions and ARENA Personal Information Collection Notice will apply to your use

Please let us know what you think at: W-2